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P.J. Bayliss, author of Restraint

Author Quiz interviews Peejay Bayliss...

Restraint by P.J. Bayliss
What is it you love most about writing?
I love producing a work, verse, or even a handful of words that touch the reader. There is very little that could beat the great sense of satisfaction knowing I've influenced somebodies life and provided that same tingling 'feel alive' sensation I experience as a reader.

What's the best and worst thing about being an author?
There is a freedom to be able to write your own scenes and control the characters, emotions, scenery and every element in the story. The freedom is possibly the best thing about being an author, however, there is also a loss of freedom in myself as writing brings a powerful, compelling desire to continue writing. It is almost addictive, and it's such an euphoric emotion that happens when you produce an excellent piece of work.

Are there any parts of being an author that you dislike?
There really isn't a lot to dislike. I choose to become an author as it represents my passion. If anything, I dislike the fact that I took so long to realize how positive it would be for me.

Is there anything about you or your writing that makes you unique from other authors?
I like to avoid many vulgarities in my writing which helps to produce classical-styled works. I also spend many hours researching my topic in order to fully immerse the reader into my work, to the extent that they feel they are there; within the very pages.

As a result, I tend to produce stories and poems that leave a lot to the imagination of the reader in order to create their idealistic fantasy worlds.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your work as an author.
I live within a rural setting where I focuses on my passion for poetry and creative writing. My works are fantasy-based and inspired by friends, Erotica authors, and poets from around the world.

My reasoning for writing Erotica is due to the fascination I have with this fast-growing popular culture. From an early age I have always been expressive in my sexuality and I wish to produce sensual, classy romance writing that immerses the reader into the action.

If you had to sum up your book, Restraint, in three words, what would they be?
Transcendentally erotic poetry

What are you working on now and what projects and ideas do you have lined up next?
My current project is a Romance fiction book titled "Chronicle", which is a diary-style Contemporary Romance that deals with a tragedy caused through social media. It involves several of the common issues our society faces today through the internet culture as the alpha-male is subjected to traumatic emotional events with friends around him. The story plot is used to deliver some strong personal points of views and perceptions about Erotica, Pornography, and Romance in todays world.

I'm also working on a project involving a series of novels under the name "A Chemical Romance" which includes three works: Admission, Inception, Deception.

Do you ever feel yourself becoming quite emotional when writing a particularly intense scene and is there a specific passage in particular where this was the case?
A friend challenged me to write a very provocative & erotic piece with a BDM theme. What eventuated was a 4-piece poem called "Misery with Mistress D" which is 2,000 words long. Due to the length of this work and the graphical nature it leads the reader to envision, I find this particular scene to be very emotional.

I've deliberately started with poetry due to the potent emotional demands for writing in this style. It has helped me to locate my 'writers voice' and personal style as a consequence.

. . . . . . . .

Misery With Mistress D

I had accepted a challenge of sorts by a good friend of mine. No surprises there I guess. I mean, when I first wrote about a Kiss I instinctively wrote if from her perspective before his, so she was probably curious about just how much man I really was.

We’d discussed the situation and plans made for my immediate departure. Haunting me all along the way was the niggle in the back of my mind of meeting expectations…

I contemplated my fate awaiting me that night,
careful preparation of the long haul flight,
with black leather zip bag and tools within,
to stripe me barren and potentially remove skin,
her game of choice was to take out her anger,
frustration and nightmares upon a mere stranger,
as none were willing, physically able or devout,
I conceded to her whim due to her undeniable pout.

Exit of flight and modern chariot to her door,
I knocked only once when footsteps crossed floor,
click of lock, the chain rattled before door creak,
she looked at me twice and asked if I was the freak,
so I rolled up my sleeve to reveal wrist tattoo,
assured she cried “Mon Ami that is really you?”
with black bag and leather shoes I entered,
prepared for hours ahead of lust and torment...

You can find the full poem at the following link:
Misery With Mistress D

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