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P.J. Bayliss, author of Restraint

Author Quiz interviews Peejay Bayliss...

Restraint by P.J. Bayliss
What is it you love most about writing?
I love producing a work, verse, or even a handful of words that touch the reader. There is very little that could beat the great sense of satisfaction knowing I've influenced somebodies life and provided that same tingling 'feel alive' sensation I experience as a reader.

What's the best and worst thing about being an author?
There is a freedom to be able to write your own scenes and control the characters, emotions, scenery and every element in the story. The freedom is possibly the best thing about being an author, however, there is also a loss of freedom in myself as writing brings a powerful, compelling desire to continue writing. It is almost addictive, and it's such an euphoric emotion that happens when you produce an excellent piece of work.

Are there any parts of being an author that you dislike?
There really isn't a lot to dislike. I choose to become an author as it represents my passion. If anything, I dislike the fact that I took so long to realize how positive it would be for me.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

RW Cole, author of Orgasms

ORGASMS by RW Cole is available for Kindle and PC from and
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ORGASMS is an acronym for new computer technology: Organic Response Generated Accessing Synaptic Magnetic Stimulation. This technology has been applied to create a new entertainment media – Mind Trips. During a Mind Trip, a customer sits in a recliner, a hood is lowered, and reality becomes whatever one imagines.

Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Whom do you want to meet? How do you want to look? Why wouldn’t you arrange your personal, perfect vacation at an ORGASMS spa?

ORGASMS is a compilation of seven short stories detailing the Mind Trips of seven first-time customers to ORGASMS for a Mind Trip. “Anthony” shares his deep-seated need for desirability and domination. “Pepper” finds romance and sexual fulfillment. “Francine” creates the perfect self-indulgent vacation for much needed rest. “Jody Lynn” shares her memories of her first experience ‘riding the rainbow’. “Ernie” becomes the ultimate male in his own world. “Miranda” fantasizes an exotic vacation and finds love and success. “Cable” is desperate to save his damaged marriage and takes an unusual path for guidance.

Each story reveals the romance, tenderness, desire, and love inherent in each of us.

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Author Quiz interviews RW Cole…

If you had to sum up your book, ORGASMS, in three words, what would they be?
I did that on the book cover: desire, fantasy, and fulfillment.

Where did the inspiration for your first short story compilation, ORGASMS, come from?
The inspiration came from my fascination with current research into the functioning of the human brain. In a sense, I believe the brain is truly the “last frontier.” Think about it: a biological structure with billions of neurons and trillions of gaps between the neurons (synapses), that is, ultimately, “us.” Everything we are is based on our perceptions and interpretation of what we see, hear, feel, taste, and smell; and, everything we see, hear, feel, taste, smell are, ultimately, electronic/chemical signals carried by the pathways of our brain. In addition, technology that is developed for work purposes is eventually applied to entertainment. Think of computers. They were developed to aid in performing complex computations but now we have X Boxes. What better entertainment could there be than your fantasies becoming reality?

Would your book, ORGASMS, work best as a movie adaptation or as a TV series?
It would work best as a weekly TV series. Each week would feature a different character visiting an Orgasms spa for a Mind Trip. The story line would follow the format of the book: a short introductory scene to show the main character in real life, and then, the remainder of the episode would concentrate on their fantasy. I envision something similar to “Fantasy Island” or “Love Boat,” updated and spicier. There would be no end to stories to tell because each character would create their own reality during their Mind Trip. This would mean there would be no limit to different genres to explore.

Have you ever written a supporting character who took on a life of their own or turned out to be far more popular than expected and if so do you have plans to feature them as the lead character in a story of their own?
Yes, Grant Lee. He was the Mind Trip creation of “Pepper.” Women love him! No, I don’t plan a story with him as the lead character because he was a figment of Pepper’s imagination – he was her fantasy man.

When deciding on your book title what influences you most; potential sales or artistic integrity?
Artistic integrity. In the case of ORGASMS, the title is an acronym and the foundation of the book. I can’t imagine another title that would work.

Do you foresee more and more authors making a living from their writing?
No. With the advent of independent epublishing the flood gates have been opened. The sheer volume of books available and published daily increases the odds against notice. There is a lot written, there is a lot badly written, and the consumer is very discriminating and skeptical.

Do you have a favorite review or has anyone expressed a particularly nice compliment about your writing which stands out as your most memorable piece of praise?
I like the simple reviews from fans such as “I loved this book!” That really floats my boat.

Would you rather have great reviews but average sales or great sales but average reviews?
I’d choose sales. It’s like with movies. Critics may slam a movie and yet it becomes a blockbuster. In those cases, the critic is essentially denigrating the tastes of the consumer.

What other book would you regard it the biggest compliment to have your own work compared to and why?
If my work were compared to the short story, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber, because it is a classic that has endured for generations.

Is there a TV series or movie which you think would appeal to a similar audience as your book, ORGASMS?
TV series: Dolls, Fantasy Island, Love Boat – Movie: The Matrix.

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Thanks for your comments, RW, and good luck with your writing.

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A sample from “Pepper” Chapter 2 

Damn! I couldn’t control myself. I squirmed, pressing my thighs together increasing the pressure in my nether regions; I could feel myself getting wet. What was going on? “Nether regions”! This guy has me thinking in archaic euphemisms! This was impossible. I knew I looked confused.
Grant stood up straight, reached, and took both of my hands in his. I didn’t pull away. I didn’t want to pull away.
“Don’t question it – go with it. Trust your instincts.” He chuckled and grinned as he continued but his eyes were serious. “This has never happened to me before either. I completely trust my instincts; something special is in store…why? Hell! I don’t know… maybe karma…”
Musing, I went along, “maybe DNA.”
His impish grin shot back to me, “maybe pheromones…” He gently pulled me towards him as he leaned forward and ever so gently kissed me – a brief, soft brushing of our lips. Our eyes locked as he leaned back, still holding my hands. “I just finished a 24 hour shift. I work 24 on and 48 off. I’m tired and wired; too wired to rest. I’m also very hungry. Let’s go get something to eat.” He turned away, picked up his beer, and finished it with several large gulps.
Struggling, trying to compose myself, I gulped the remainder of my shot of whiskey…the liquid fire barely registering. I stood, straightened my posture, and replied, “I’m hungry too.”

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Author RW Cole
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ORGASMS by RW Cole is available for Kindle and PC from and
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