Wednesday, 10 April 2013

P.J. Bayliss, author of Restraint

Author Quiz interviews Peejay Bayliss...

Restraint by P.J. Bayliss
What is it you love most about writing?
I love producing a work, verse, or even a handful of words that touch the reader. There is very little that could beat the great sense of satisfaction knowing I've influenced somebodies life and provided that same tingling 'feel alive' sensation I experience as a reader.

What's the best and worst thing about being an author?
There is a freedom to be able to write your own scenes and control the characters, emotions, scenery and every element in the story. The freedom is possibly the best thing about being an author, however, there is also a loss of freedom in myself as writing brings a powerful, compelling desire to continue writing. It is almost addictive, and it's such an euphoric emotion that happens when you produce an excellent piece of work.

Are there any parts of being an author that you dislike?
There really isn't a lot to dislike. I choose to become an author as it represents my passion. If anything, I dislike the fact that I took so long to realize how positive it would be for me.